Premium Financing For High Net Worth Individuals

A qualifying client profile for premium financing includes:
  • A client with a sound financial need for coverage.
  • An understanding of the benefits of using OPM (other people’s money.)
  • A large liquid or illiquid asset base.
  • An understanding that interest out of pocket and/or collateral will be required.
  • An understanding that such requirements will be kept to an absolute minimum, and be leveraged in such a way as to purchase the maximum amount of coverage, often more than could be obtained should the entire premium be paid out of pocket.
What Finance For Life Provides:
  • Complete case flow management.
  • Education, guidance and demonstration of the benefits of the program.
  • The resources necessary to evaluate/monetize alternative assets.
  • All complex illustration processing and projections done in-house by our analysts.
  • Access and case submission to the best and most creative lenders/structured financiers in the industry.
  • Case tracking, assignment and analysis; a dedicated case manger is assigned to each agent.
  • Weekly status reports and quick processing.
Typical Loan Characteristics:
  • Initial Loan Term: 5 - 20 years; renewals based on reevaluation of collateral.
  • Interest Rate: LIBOR based (Yen financing available.)
  • The interest rate will be determined by the credit risk underlying the loan.
  • Integration with current estate planning, including the formation of custom ILIT’s and/or partnerships.
  • Personal guarantees optional (usually required.)
  • Full policy control.

How to Submit a Case

Download and fill out our simple application.

Email it to or fax to 901.763.0058