Finance For Life Starts Off The 2009 Funding Season With a Bang, Offers Multiple New Hybrid and Traditional Sources

“We are seeing strong new demand from several sources, and are stepping up the generation of new term sheets and closings,” comments Company President

Memphis, TN, January 21, 2009, Finance For Life, LLC (FFL) announced today that they are pleased to offer three exciting new hybrid sources and three new traditional sources for financing. According to Ronnie Katz, CPA, Company President, “Although the lending market as a whole remains weak, and standards have tightened, demand from Insurers seeking to add to the best part of their balance sheet remains strong. This drives underwriting, and opens up product, and Funders are stepping in to provide loans. 2008 delivered a fresh reminder of the benefits of having a portfolio that contains some non-correlated assets, and cases that show a solid LTV are getting money.” FFL is also seeing some early success with bridge financing or premium finance rescue loans. These loans provide additional funds beyond the term of shorter length hybrid programs and can last as long as the life of the insured.
In difficult times, FFL has been successful in funding hybrid premium finance cases for those 70 and older and has several sources, with unique programs, that provide clients with funding solutions for both short and long term needs. “Time is of the essence in getting cases funded,” says Ronnie Katz. “The market is still rebounding and deals are getting done, but if you have an offer, act on it and close it. Resist the temptation to “shop around.” We’ve seen many deals slip through agent’s fingers, leaving their clients without valuable, low risk coverage.”
Katz strongly advises to act now, while funds are available. “Our staff will guide agents through the process from start to finish – with success.” Katz continues, “We also have a large presence in the traditional life insurance premium financing market and have some unique programs for younger insureds that require little out of pocket and provide large benefits with a clear loan exit strategy built in, within the client’s lifetime. We currently have hundreds of millions of dollars of traditional cases in process that require no out of pocket and reasonable collateral for individual insureds or groups (such as medical groups or law firms) needing $10 million or more of life insurance coverage.”
FFL has built its name on successful funding of cases, having seen over $10 billion of face amount and having assisted in the funding of over $1 billion of policies. FFL continues to service its clients with unsurpassed customer service and excellent communications.
About Finance For Life
Founded in 2004 by Ronnie Katz, CPA, Finance For Life was created to eliminate the confusion and red tape that often accompanies premium financing. FFL prides itself on being able to offer a variety of life insurance premium financing solutions, including hybrid premium financing for senior clients and traditional premium financing for all ages. Whether your case is large, small or difficult to finance, the experienced team at FFL will find the premium financing that fits your specific needs.
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