Life Expectancy Debacle Not A Problem For Finance For Life Clients

Finance For Life continues to fund cases with existing 21st LE’s

Memphis, TN, September 18, 2008: Finance For Life, LLC announced today that it has lending programs that will accept existing 21st Services life expectancy reports issued before the September 16th adjustment date.  In addition, Finance For Life has several lending programs which do not rely on LE’s at all or on LE’s other than 21st.
Per Ronnie Katz, CPA, President of Finance For Life, “Finance For Life always strives to represent a variety of lenders to suit our clients’ needs.  Thus, under stressed market conditions, or in instances such as where LE companies make adjustments to their calculations, we are able to continue to get cases funded. As a result, we have successfully funded a record number of cases throughout the year.”
Finance For Life provides life insurance premium financing solutions to life insurance producers, general agencies, financial advisors and individuals. In addition, Finance For Life assists with agent case processing, case consulting, sales assistance and life insurance sales.  Amongst its many product lines are loans for all ages, including comprehensive solutions for ages 20 to 69, hybrid loans for those 70 and older and the Beat The Street compensation program for producers.
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