Finance For Life, Premium Finance Industry Leader, Continues Getting Cases Funded Despite Industry Turmoil

Memphis, TN, April 11 - Finance For Life, LLC, announced today that it continues to maintain credible funding sources for life insurance premium financing programs for seniors. In an apparent shut down of several funding sources, it has been noted that as many as six lenders have lost their funding sources or have had a delay in receiving their funding. This has caused a sudden and unexpected cessation of the funding of many life insurance premium finance cases. Agents and their clients have been left in shock and are scrambling to find reliable funders.

Ronnie Katz, CPA, President of Finance For Life announced, "Finance For Life has confirmed with several of its funding sources that cases are continuing to fund in spite of the recent news. Finance For Life deals only with credible funding sources that go to great lengths to assure their funding is solid and that they maintain good carrier relationships. Our lenders are able to do this because they have instituted proper due diligence procedures to assure that both submitting producers and cases are credible. Finance For Life also performs its own in-house due diligence process in dealing with producers and advisors to maintain the utmost integrity in dealing with lenders and carriers."

Finance For Life is committed to excellence in service and personal and professional attention to all cases. As such, Finance For Life is positioned to absorb a substantial case load for those looking to place cases that lenders have been unable to fund.

About Finance For Life

Founded in 2004 by Ronnie Katz, CPA, Finance For Life was created to eliminate the confusion and red tape that often accompanies premium financing. FFL prides itself on being able to offer a variety of life insurance premium financing solutions, including Hybrid premium financing. Whether your case is large, small or difficult to finance, the experienced team at FFL will find the premium financing that fits your specific needs.

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