Finance For Life: VP Of Operations Discusses Reasons For Company Growth and Shares Client Success Stories

Rapid expansion of Life Insurance Premium Finance industry enables organization to assist in financing record number of policies

When asked what motivates Finance For Life to do more than continue to grow in 2008 and surpass its 2007 revenue, Gershon Yarmush, VP of Operations, comments without hesitation: “Our motivation is to continue helping our clients and agents profit from innovative life insurance premium financing opportunities.”

Real Cases: Finance For Life Brokers 5 Million Dollar Benefit to Protect Estate of Grieving Family (The following scenario happened to an actual FFL client.)

Case Example: The Smith Family

A member of the Smith family decided to speak with someone regarding the benefits and protection that a premium finance loan could offer. Mr. Smith, the patriarch of the family, was a healthy, active 88 year-old man. Mr. Smith’s main concern was to protect his hard-earned $8 million net worth. To address this need, his insurance agent recommended a $5 million life insurance policy from an A++ rated national insurer. Mr. Smith soon found himself in a dilemma: He needed the valuable protection that an A++ life insurance policy could offer. Due to his cash flow needs at the time, he found it difficult to write the large premium check the insurer demanded. Mr. Smith found himself in a desperate need for a solution.

The Solution

His agent, Mr. McNulty, wanted to assist his client to find a solution to this challenging situation. The agent decided to call his representative at Finance For Life to inquire about the available options.

The Result

Finance For Life was able to broker coverage of a safe and secure 30 month loan with a large and reputable premium finance lender.

An Unexpected Turn

A year later, Mr. Smith’s health took an unfortunate turn for the worse. As the last few months of his life approached, his family members strongly suggested that he turn to the secondary market. Based on a consultation with his advisors and the analysts at Finance For Life, however, it was discovered that his policy was worth far more than the secondary market could offer. Upon his passing, his heirs netted $3.4 million.

Actual Numbers For Mr. Smith’s Case

Premium On The Policy: $650,000 per year

Total Loan amount: $1.6 million

Mr. Smith’s net death amount: $3.4 million

Total Out of pocket: $0

To recap:

The above case example illustrates the benefits of having an experienced premium finance broker assist in the funding of a policy. This example shows the valuable protection Finance For Life can broker for it’s clients. As shown in the case of The Smiths, Finance For Life is committed to offering the best in customer service that will be demonstrated both before and after the loan.

Finance For Life

Founded in 2004 by Ronnie Katz, CPA, Finance For Life was created to eliminate the confusion and red tape that often accompanies premium financing. FFL prides itself on being able to offer a variety of loans, including Hybrid premium financing and Non-recourse premium financing. Whether your case is large, small or difficult to finance, the experienced team at FFL will find the premium financing that fits your specific needs.

To receive more information about Finance For Life, please contact Ronnie Katz, Company President, or Gershon Yarmush, Vice President of Operations at 877-763-0098. You may also email them at or email

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