Finance For Life, Premium Finance Industry Leader, Reports Record Growth

Rapid expansion of Life Insurance Premium Finance Industry enables organization to assist in financing record number of policies

President and VP discuss reasons for growth and looking ahead

Memphis, TN, November 15 2007 – Finance For Life, one of the nations most experienced and fastest growing premium finance brokerage companies, today announced it’s recent financial results. FFL has brokered loans for nearly $325 million in new life insurance policies in 2007 and expects these figures to increase in 2008 to over $400 million. In 2008 FFL hopes to have surpassed the $1 billion mark in total face financed.

“We are quite pleased with these results because they demonstrate the strength and integrity this company has stood for since its inception. Our agents, producers, and general agencies turn to us because they know we can deliver product efficiently,” says Ronnie Katz, CPA, President of Finance For Life.

“We are proud of our growth and will strive to continue our expansion to accommodate more clients in search of our services,” adds Mr. Katz.

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Katz, Finance For Life has grown exponentially in its three years of business. Why the steady increase and company success?

“Service, great commission structure and a willingness to fight for the difficult cases, keeps our agents coming back for more. When they see how we handle their large cases they also send us great referrals,” comments Mr. Gershon Yarmush, Vice President of Operations for Finance For Life. “Our clients also appreciate the “one stop shop” convenience we offer. They know that we have the volume to command the attentions of the industries strongest and carrier approved lenders.”

“We are committed to educating our agents about the right way to do premium financing,” continues Mr. Yarmush. “Building relationships is key, and our agents know we will be supplying them with premium finance lenders for a long time.”

Finance For Life - One Call, One Stop For Premium Financing

Founded in 2004 by Ronnie Katz, CPA, Finance For Life was created to eliminate confusion and red tape regarding premium financing. As an experienced CPA and life insurance agent, he is regularly consulted on complex insurance cases. FFL has created a place where agents can bring their large face insurance cases under one roof with confidence and peace of mind.

Finance For Life - Aiming High and Setting The Bar for 2008 And Beyond

The goal of Finance For Life has always been to broker life insurance premium financing and offer the absolute finest in customer service and relations. The staff includes professionals with decades of experience in insurance and financial markets. The dedicated staff of case managers, closing managers and analysts takes a personal concern for each client’s needs. Each also has a high level of expertise in the mechanics of structured life financing. Finance For Life takes great pride in employing research and relationship experts who constantly search the marketplace for the best and most proven methods for lowering the total cost of purchasing life insurance.

“Bottom line-our staff, in my opinion, is the best there is,” says Mr. Yarmush. “We employ the most experienced, dedicated, and hard working employees in our industry. We’re very proud of that. It is this dedicated group of people that will help us continue to grow for many years to come.”

To receive more information about Finance For Life please contact Ronnie Katz, Company President or Gershon Yarmush, Vice President of Operations at 877-763-0098 or

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