Frequently Asked Questions

How does Finance For Life help me?
Our primary tool is premium financing. Finance For Life believes in sound, thought out UL coverage for our clients, with total policy control and insurable interest at its foundations.  Using premium financing, an individual or corporation can leverage the value in assets they may have performing other tasks, such as portfolios of real estate, art, or securities, without having to liquidate them. Using OPM (other people’s money) is the most valuable technique available to the life marketplace, and you can use our expertise to help your clients unlock it.  In some cases a client may qualify for a large face policy without the posting of any collateral against the premium loan, by paying out of pocket interest payments.

For more information about premium financing, including case studies, please see our premium financing section.
Why should I use Finance For Life?
Our staff includes professionals with decades of experience in insurance and financial markets.  We have a dedicated staff of case managers, closing managers and analysts that take a personal concern in each client, and have a high level of expertise in the mechanics of life structured financing.  We also employ a research and relationships expert who is constantly searching the marketplace for the best and most proven methods for lowering the total cost of purchasing life insurance.
Have More Questions?
We always welcome your emails and phone calls. Our helpful staff can be reached during normal business hours at: 901.763.0098 or

For more information about our personnel and company information please visit Our Team and About Us sections.

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