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Life Insurance Premium Financing

What if we told you there was a way to triple or quadruple your earnings selling life insurance? We can show you how to use the power of premium financing to sell UL policies to seniors that have targets in the range of $200,000 to $3,000,000. That's per case!

You may have found that a lot of promoters, GA's, fellow agents or even clients have talked to you about premium financing, and each one of the them seemed to be telling you about a different concept. Since there are fifty plus different premium finance promoters and programs in this country, we act as your broker to filter them, and to support and educate you through the process. The first thing we will do is teach you the definition of premium finance and group the plans in three basic categories.

Premium financing supplies a loan that is fully collateralized for the funding of life insurance premiums. The significant differences between the plans are in the areas of collateral, interest rates and fees, out of pocket, duration or loan term and carrier acceptance.

Hybrid Premium Financing

Hybrid Premium Financing does not require a letter of credit from a major bank and interest payments are accrued. The client will be required to sign a partial personal guarantee on the loan balance. This guarantee and the policy death benefit serve as collateral. This is appropriate for senior clients age 68 and above in good health, seeking a two or five year plan for five million or more in coverage. Many major carriers approve this type of plan. Finance For Life works with all of the reputable providers in this space to broker these loans for your clients through the FFL Loan Advantage Program™.

Traditional Premium Financing

Traditional loans require a letter of credit from a major bank and interest payments out of pocket to maintain a level death benefit. It is appropriate for clients of any age, seeking a long term plan for $10,000,000 or more in coverage, or premiums in excess of $150,000 a year. All carriers accept this type of plan. Finance For Life is pleased to broker these loans for your clients through the FFL Loan Advantage Program™.

Non-Recourse Premium Financing

(not offered by FFL)

This type of plan is promoted as and purports to offer coverage without any guarantees or out of pocket and might feature high interest rates and fees, and restrictive terms. Carriers do not knowingly accept these plans, hence their nickname "stealth programs". Finance For Life does not participate in these plans and does not offer them. To write high target cases, experience excellent service, guidance and education, and to sleep easy at night knowing your business and clients are getting a safe, carrier approved and valuable plan, choose the FFL Loan Advantage Program™.

How to Submit a Case

Download and fill out our simple application.

Email it to cases@financeforlife.com or fax to 901.763.0058

News, Releases & Articles

Finance For Life Starts Off The 2009 Funding Season With a Bang, Offers Multiple New Hybrid and Traditional Sources

Memphis, TN, January 21, 2009, Finance For Life, LLC (FFL) announced today that they are pleased to offer three exciting new hybrid sources and three new traditional sources for financing. According to Ronnie Katz, CPA, Company President, “Although the lending market as a whole remains weak, and standards have tightened, demand from Insurers seeking to add to the best part of their balance sheet remains strong. This drives underwriting, and opens up product, and Funders are stepping in to provide loans. 2008 delivered a fresh reminder of the benefits of having a portfolio that contains some non-correlated assets, and cases that show a solid LTV are getting money.” FFL is also seeing some early success with bridge financing or premium finance rescue loans. These loans provide additional funds beyond the term of shorter length hybrid programs and can last as long as the life of the insured.More

Finance For Life Bails Out Producers Needing Life Insurance Premium Finance Loans

Memphis, TN, November 6, 2008 – Finance For Life, LLC (FFL) announced today that they have taken in a record number of life insurance premium finance cases in October and to date in November.  According to Ronnie Katz, CPA, Company President, “Due to relationships forged with our lenders before the economic decline and change in mortality calculations by life expectancy companies, we are still able to get cases funded.  Our relationships are with solid lenders that are able to withstand the current market challenges.More

Despite Market Turbulence Due To Recent Whipsaws, Finance For Life Reports, ‘This is Not Affecting Most FFL Loan Providers'

Memphis, TN, September 24, 2008 –Finance For Life, LLC, announced today that their lending partners will continue to service insurance loan markets for both creative collateral senior products and traditional financing. This year has seen a departure of “shaky” hedge fund money, leaving well capitalized banks as the primary money suppliers. More

Life Expectancy Debacle Not A Problem For Finance For Life Clients

Memphis, TN, September 18, 2008 –Finance For Life, LLC announced today that it has lending programs that will accept existing 21st Services life expectancy reports issued before the September 16th adjustment date.  In addition, Finance For Life has several lending programs which do not rely on LE’s at all or on LE’s other than 21st. More

Finance For Life, Premium Finance Industry Leader, Continues Getting Cases Funded Despite Industry Turmoil

Memphis, TN, April 11, 2008 –Finance For Life, LLC, announced today that it continues to maintain credible funding sources for life insurance premium financing programs for seniors. In an apparent shut down of several funding sources, it has been noted that as many as six lenders have lost their funding sources or have had a delay in receiving their funding. More

Ronnie Katz, CPA, President of Finance For Life Selected to Million Dollar Round Table's 'Top Of The Table'

Memphis, TN, April 10, 2008 –Ronnie Katz, CPA and President of Finance For Life, has been selected as an exclusive member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)-Top Of The Table. The MDRT, the premiere association of financial professionals, is an international, independent association of more than 35,000 members. More

Experts Agree, End of the Year is a Great Time to ‘Fast Track’ Remaining 2007 Life Cases

Memphis, TN, November 20 2007 – If you are an agent, producer, financial planner, or broker dealer, now is a great time to finance your pending 2007 insurance applications through Finance For Life. More

Finance For Life, Premium Finance Industry Leader, Reports Record Growth

Memphis, TN, November 15 2007 – Finance For Life, one of the nations most experienced and fastest growing premium finance brokerage companies, today announced it’s recent financial results. FFL has brokered loans for nearly $325 million in new life insurance policies in 2007 and expects these figures to increase in 2008 to over $400 million. In 2008 FFL hopes to have surpassed the $1 billion mark in total face financed. More

Finance For Life: VP Of Operations Discusses Reasons For Company Growth and Shares Client Success Stories

Memphis, TN, November 15 2007 – Rapid expansion of Life Insurance Premium Finance industry enables organization to assist in financing record number of policies More